Kaleb, a Chicago resident, stands on his back feet when he sees another large dog coming.  This video is funny to watch.  Kaleb goes to the dog park and gets along well with other dogs, he just likes to "size them up".

I get compliments all the time on how calm and passive he is for such a young puppy.  We get asked all the time, when we are camping, who is our breeder.  We also get compliments about what a handsome dog he is.  He is a great dog!  He potty trained quickly and catches on to tricks easily.  He is a great boy!

Quality family time!

This is Kalab.  He is awesome.

Boys are doing great!

If you have one of our puppies and would like to share a photo and a few comments about your puppy, feel free to email or text us your story.  We are in the process of building this page in our spare time!!

His name is Bear and he is doing great.  My dad passed away a week after we came home with Bear.  My mom moved in for a couple of months, and her and Bear became best buds.  Bear followed her everywhere, so Jenni and I decided to give Bear to her so she was not alone.  We are interested in getting another puppy from you if possible.  We would like a puppy from one of Perci's future litters.  

The pup, Kaiya, is about 70lbs now.  She isn't very active in our southern heat.  Her nickname is Slug.  Kaiya is doing great, has been completely potty trained for quite some time now, walks on leash really well, and is great with grand babies.  I'm still trying to talk Scott into getting another puppy from you.  I'm not giving up.  We are so very pleased with her.  Thanks again you did a great job with this pup for us.

Mike and I took Gemma to a Chicago block-dog-pawty and everyone said she was the best behaved dog. They said she's so friendly and affectionate, I've never seen a Rottweiler like this. She loves everyone and all other dogs. 😊

This is Rocco and he has a good personality.  He is pretty calm most of the time.  He really does not like having his picture taken.  We just got back from the vet and he weighs 56lbs.  He is going to be huge.  

Our Rotts and Their Families