PERCY– This female is one that we raised from Pety's first litter.  She has been retired and is queen of a new home. Percy is the mother of Remmie.  

Welcome to our web home, Washburn Farm and Rottweilers.   We trust you will enjoy our site.

Our Rottweiler adventure started over 35 years ago.  This Rottweiler’s name was Ike, and he was a true family companion. I can say, from first hand experience, there is something special about a Rottweiler. The sincere loyalty and protective nature of the Rottweiler towards his family is remarkable.  These are the qualities that I admire the most in a Rottweiler.  My daughter loves “how the “way too large of dog for your lap” tries to get on her lap”.  She will tell you their lovability is their most outstanding quality.  As with our family, I know the special nature of these fine animals will work themselves into your heart. 

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Looking for a Rottweiler companion is an exciting aspect of becoming an owner.  While looking, focus on the bloodlines and your puppy’s beginnings.  Visit the kennel, view the parents, and be resolved to identify conformation characteristics as well as temperament.  The old adage, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” does hold merit.  Make sure to review contract guarantees and be ensured that the breeder offers support for any of your concerns and enjoyment you are experiencing with your new Rottweiler.  Enjoy your adventure; it will be rewarding. We believe we one of the top Rottweiler breeders in Illinois.  



Rottweiler Breeders in Illinois

PETY – She came to us as a German import.  She is the matriarch of our Rotts.  She has been retired to a horse farm where she has become great friends with a cat.  

Rottweiler Breeders in Illinois

Rottweiler Breeders in Illinois


Just recently, we have added to our family imported females bred to champion German males.   Our focus is to work with top of the line champion bloodlines with an emphasis on structure and, or course, the eye appeal of amazing head productions.   These standout qualities start with awesome pedigrees.  Great pedigrees coupled with excellent family care produces outstanding show prospects that are admired by seasoned breeders.

Our “country raised” Rotts receive plenty of tender loving care so they have a great start to becoming an irreplaceable part of your family.  All our Rottweilers are well exercised “outside their pens”, socialized with children, farm animals and Fluffy, our cat.  These are ingredients for a strong healthy well-socialized puppy. 

We believe we are one of the top Rottweiler breeders in Illinois.  We welcome you to come to our facility and see how we raise our Rottweilers.  You can come and visit all our adult Rotts as well as the puppies after they are six weeks old.  We are proud of the quality of our animals.  rottweiler puppies illinois  purebred rottweiler puppies for sale

Our puppies come with a puppy packet, which includes their vaccination schedule and their health papers, as well as guidelines and tips about raising your new Rottie.  Our information packet will also detail our guarantee on our Rottweilers as well as a commitment by the purchaser not to chain your new companion.  We are a small family-farm with a commitment to being an ethics breeder.  We will not sell our puppies to puppy mills/brokers or pet shops.  We are dedicated to providing healthy beautiful Rottweilers for show and companions. 

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REMMIE – Remmie is a Rott that we have raised.  Remmie is the daughter of Percy and granddaughter of Pety.  

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